Electrical Components That Will Save You Money

The smallest part can bring a semi-truck to a complete standstill if it fails. That is why using high-quality parts is really about failure prevention and saving you money. How can Phillips Industries’ electrical components save you money?

Recently we interviewed Rob Phillips, CEO of Phillips Industries

Phillips Industries started in 1928 by Hugh W. Phillips and is still being operated by the Phillips family today. What is it like to be responsible for a legacy business like that?

Rob mentioned that from working alongside every department for the last 25 years, he developed a very deep love for the business. He also said something that really stood out. He said, “If you are passionate about the business, you will enjoy the legacy business.”

Over the years though, Phillips has created many high-quality products. Some of these being glad-hands, coiled air hoses and electrical cables. Today they continue to produce really innovative products. What drives this innovation?

Rob summarized it good when he said,

“We stay really close to our customers… We work very closely with them, to talk about what their problems and headaches are. Having this relationship allows them to pick up the phone and call us… Allot of our products get started by talking to our customers and finding out where things are failing.”

One of these innovations is STA-DRY. In the mid-’90s there was magnesium chloride being put on the highways to prevent accidents from the snow. However, this product speeds up the corrosion effects. STA-DRY was developed to keep those salts out of their products, acting as a protective barrier. It’s also very simple to change on the side of the road if needed.

Another favorite product is QWIK-CHECK.

At the time mark 10:36, Rob explained this product best when he said,

“QWIK-CHECK is a product that allows any user to see the condition of each of their wires. So, the idea is, if you have a light out, you can find if it’s the light or the circuit. It is an easy way to find out where a problem lies, so you can do the right troubleshooting.”

STA-DRY and QWIK-CHECK are not the only exciting innovations that Phillips Industries have mad. There are many more than that. We can think of their 3-in-1 kits, which are two rubber airlines, and one electrical line, which helps keep everything organized, and protected. Also, they have X-TEND which is easy to install, and it keeps your cables from swinging and banging against the back of the cab. Furthermore, the S7 swivel socket is a huge money saver for many fleets dealing with damaged lines from jack-knifing.

Even though we have been living through some tough times lately, there is a big opportunity to make a shift to be able to deliver smaller shipments of products at much faster rates, such as one- or two-day deliveries. This means fewer warehouses full of parts in every shop, and faster receival of part orders.

Everything that Phillips manufactures, is designed to be easier and faster to repair in the field, while also being able to last longer.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

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