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Increasing Safety When It Comes to Your Fleet

If you are traveling at highway speeds and your wheel comes off, someone can get seriously injured, and you would be liable for this accident. However, there is a proven product by HQ Truck Parts that will stop this from happening.

Recently we interviewed Jack Phelps, VP of Product Development, and Jim Keegan, Director of Sales at HQ Truck Parts.

Commercial Vehicle Wheel-offs

When a commercial truck or trailer loses a wheel, there are a few different reasons why this might happen. Bearing freeze-up, studs shearing off, and the number one reason is loose lug nuts. Even when lug nuts are torqued to 500 ft/lbs., they can end up loosening over time and eventually come off.

Who is put at most risk when this happens?

“The general public is most at risk. You can google wheel-off situations, and you can see where wheels come off on highways. Usually, that is the most dangerous area because of high speeds. When those come off at 60-70 miles-per-hour, it causes immense damage. Highway fatalities from wheel-offs are terrible and they happen more than most realize. The driver could be at risk too if a front wheel comes off… But really, everyone is a target when a wheel comes off,” said Jim Keegan, Director of Sales at HQ Truck Parts.

Using a Lug Nut Lock

Thankfully though, HQ Truck Parts have created a solution to this problem. It is called the Zafety Lug Lock. It is a wheel nut locking system that is designed to easily press fit over two lugs.

It solves the problem of loosening lug nuts by locking the two lugs in place. It will not back off on you. So, if you torque it a 500ft/lbs today, it will stay like that. No need to worry about your wheels coming off unexpectantly.

Slow Leaks in Airbags

When it comes to air suspension, airbags can also end up failing on you. However, airbags on their own do not normally fail. Rather, it is generally caused by something coming off the road and damaging the airbag which can cause it to blow out.

While blowouts do happen, the more common problem is slow leaks. If the air system is not distributing air evenly on an axle, it can cause damage and cup the tires. This becomes a maintenance issue. Your average Lift Axle Control Module (LACM) is a valve that puts air into the bags and takes it back out. However, with that slow leak, it cannot do so properly.

An Intelligent Control Module

With the HQ Truck Parts Lift Axle Control Module (ILACM) though, the computer chip will tell the driver if there is a slow leak. But not only that, but it will also balance the air in the system long enough for you to take it to the shop for repairs.

Anytime you can upgrade a product and increase safety, you create less liability for a fleet, and that is crucial. Regardless of the price. When it comes to HQ Truck Parts products, you will be investing in solutions to common problems and avoid unnecessary downtime and costly accidents caused by preventable problems. 

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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