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CVSN Pillar Communities

Four New Pillar Communities Unveiled by CVSN

Executive Director Edward Kuo announced that CVSN’s four new Pillar Communities will be central to the organization, serving as an open call to action for those interested in shaping the industry’s future.

The Pillar Communities

The Commercial Vehicle Solutions Network is proud to present a series of webinars in early December introducing its innovative Pillar Communities. These strategic pillars—Legislative, Industry Awareness/Marketing, Education/GenNext, and Technology.

What to Expect

The upcoming webinars offer an exclusive opportunity to engage with the co-chairs of each Pillar Community. These sessions will feature in-depth discussions on current projects, upcoming group solutions, collaborative events, and avenues for industry professionals to actively contribute.

CVSN President Nick Seidel emphasizes the importance of collective action, stating, “CVSN has spent the last several months identifying the tough challenges that everyone in the independent commercial vehicle aftermarket industry faces. Through our Pillar Communities, we will create an organized strategy on how to best solve those issues and implement solutions on a larger scale.”

Edward Kuo, CVSN Executive Director, underscores the significance of the Pillar Communities, stating, “The CVSN Pillar Communities will be the heart of our organization going forward. This is the first open call to action for anyone who has a vested interest in one or more of these pillars.”

Webinar Schedule:

  1. Technology Pillar
    • Featuring Jeff Paul (VIPAR) and Bryan Thueson (JNPOpticat)
    • December 6 (Wednesday)
    • 3:00 pm Eastern
    • Register Here
  2. Education/GenNext Pillar
    • Featuring Ryan Bugai (Northwest Drive Train) and Lucas Deal (Trucks, Parts, Service)
    • December 7 (Thursday)
    • 2:30 pm Eastern
    • Register Here
  3. Industry Awareness/Marketing Pillar
    • Featuring Tina Hubbard (HDA Truck Pride) and Jennifer Kron (VIPAR)
    • December 12 (Tuesday)
    • 1:00 pm Eastern
    • Register Here
  4. Legislative Pillar
    • Featuring Mike Harris (FleetPride)
    • December 13 (Wednesday)
    • 2:00 pm Eastern
    • Register Here

Who Can Participate

The CVSN Pillar Communities are exclusive to member companies, but the webinars are open to all industry enthusiasts. Gain valuable insights and contribute to shaping the future of the independent commercial vehicle aftermarket industry. Register for the webinars and learn more about CVSN’s Pillar Communities by visiting CVSN’s webinar registration page. For additional information, contact the CVSN staff directly at 855-519-CVSN or via email at [email protected]. Join CVSN as it leads the industry into a new era of collaboration and innovation.

About CVSN

CVSN is the premier trade association advocating for the advancement of the independent commercial vehicle aftermarket. With a focus on legislative, education, industry awareness, and technology initiatives, CVSN empowers its members and facilitates collaboration to drive innovation and progress. For more information, please visit www.cvsn.org

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Author: Jamie Irvine

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