A Company with Almost 100 Years of Experience

Over the last 100 years, the way we live, work, communicate, and transport has changed drastically. To be in business for almost 100 years means that you need to be able to adapt, and change. That is the case for Dayton parts. What products are they known for, and how do they continue strong in the truck parts industry?

Recently we interviewed Walter Sherbourne, the Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service at Dayton Parts LLC.

From 1922 when Dayton got its start as Harrisburg Stanley Spring Works; its mission has been clear – to offer quality parts at numerous price points allowing customers to spec exactly the right part for their application. How does that mission impact Dayton Parts 98-years later?

Over the years Dayton Parts have stuck to their very strong heritage. That means that even still, their work ethic, and their ongoing pursuit to provide what their customers demand and need, these attributes stuck with them. Not only that though, but they also have many options for parts, for any application you may need them for.

Dayton Parts are most known for their leaf springs, which is what they built their heritage on. However, they have so much more than just. They have many other products they are also known for, which some of these parts, are the complementary parts that go around the leaf springs. Such as suspension components, brake components, as well as your steering linkage.

When someone does do business with Dayton Parts, what range of products are available?

Walter said it best when he said,

“Alongside the already mentioned core products, we also have shock absorbers, abs components, polyurethane suspension products, and cargo control.”

Dayton Parts is not just your typical parts manufacturer, because they have also become and world-class distribution company. Not only do they distribute their own products, but they also distribute other manufacturer’s products as well.

Over the years though, Dayton Products your expanded and grown by acquisition and by really reinventing itself. In fact, they have almost been in business for 100-years. To stay in business that long, and to still be going strong today, they would have had to make many adaptions along the way. How do they continue to do this?

At the time mark 7:19, Walter said,

“No idea is a wrong idea. We’ve got some young engineers who we give free rein to look at our product portfolio. So, they take a look at the products, listen to the customer base, really try to understand what the needs are, and who give suggestions on ways to improve their products.”

By allowing the employees to have this free reign, and by giving the younger engineers a chance to give suggestions to better their products, Dayton Parts continues to stay strong in the industry.

But the question really comes down to it. How does Dayton Parts lower cost-per-mile for the fleets that use your parts?

The truth is, Dayton Parts offer alternative parts. They are known for making sure that the alternative (aftermarket parts) meet the OEM level of quality. So, your cost-per-mile is going to be similar regardless of whether you go with OEM or aftermarket parts. By making sure there are many options for customers, they can give the perfect part for its application. Saving you money.

If you are trying to decide what path to take for a living, do not over-look the truck parts industry, because it will provide you with a good living, and is very family orientated.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

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