What You Should Know About Hadley

When some people think of Hadley, the first thing that might pop into their heads is their high-quality airhorns. But in fact, Hadley is far more than just their airhorns.

Recently we interviewed Brian Kujala, the VP of Sales and Marketing at Hadley.

Hadley has an unwavering commitment to the trucking industry, in fact, their slogan is “Your Vehicle, Your Company, Your Success”. What does that slogan truly mean? It means that Hadley focuses on what they can do for their customers. In other words, they are a product company, but one that focuses on solving problems for their customers.

But as mentioned, Hadley is far more than just their airhorns. Just one example is they also have ride control systems. But, how have their ride control systems changed in recent years?

 Brian said this regarding their smart valves,

“When it was released in 2013, customers could expect greater functionality, more feedback, and diagnostic controls. It’s an evolution of the mechanical valve business. The Smart Valve solves a couple of problems. It protects the driver, improves safety, and creates greater profit.”

As we look to the future though, where is the aftermarket heading when we are talking about diagnostics?

Well, we are seeing a transition of fleets getting much more interested in dealing with some of the suppliers, specifically regarding the diagnostics of these new technologies coming out. So, what does that mean for us? It means that we are going to see a streamlining of troubleshooting and diagnostic control. The aftermarket is going to continue to advance more and more.

No matter what business you are in, time is everything. It is the only thing we can’t get back. Lately, face-to-face training has not been an option for many companies. Even though training through zoom, or videos may be convenient, or necessary right now, face to face training is a time saver. As of right now though, we just have to do what we are able to in regards to this.

Whether you are training technicians or marketing your products, media like audio and especially video are so powerful. With such a large population of the world being on social media platforms, especially now, marketing for your business on these platforms is necessary for you to thrive. But, how has Hadley used these tools, and why should others consider it?

At the time mark 19:08, Brian said,

“Hadley has put allot of funds into generating  content, video-based… if I can get on the platform they use personally, and professionally, that’s where we can create the greater tie-in of what we’re trying to sell. We have to touch all the platforms. Each one of our videos that we do, we create a long-shot video, and then we chop it up to uniquely fit each platform.”

Hadley works hard to get on every social media channel to push content into all the different platforms. This means that each post is customized to uniquely fit each platform it is on. This is necessary because we live in a world with a huge online presence. Nowadays, this is the best way to reach people.

COVID-19 has hit many industries hard. But what about the heavy-duty industry, what impact has it had and will have in the future?

In one aspect, a lot of it is financially driven. But the gap we have now is the lack of face-to-face time and development time. There are a lot of layoffs, and for the most part, productivity was halted. Setting the industry back 3-5 years might be real depending on how this continues to play out.

But if there is one thing to take away from this, it’s that Hadley is focused on their customers’ personal needs, their company’s needs, and their future. Additionally, Hadley is there to ease doing business.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

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