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Bushings are a crucial part of the heavy-duty industry. However, not all bushings are made of the same quality and materials. What makes Energy Suspensions Polyurethane bushings a must-have?

Recently we interviewed Walter Schnapp, Business Development Manager for Energy Suspension.

In order to be able to compare rubber bushings to polyurethane bushings, first, you have to understand what polyurethane is. Polyurethane is a synthetic elastic polymer, which as you can tell from its name, is made from two chemical components, polymers, and urethane. It was developed to take the place of rubber. However, polyurethane provides performance characteristics that other materials are unable to.

For one, it will last much longer than rubber. But not only that, but it also keeps its shape better than any other material and is more resistant to chemicals. In automotive, it gives enhanced performance and handling.

Energy Suspension’s bushings do far more than just increase performance and handling, they lower cost-per-mile. How so?

Walter said,

“A polyurethane product will be more expensive. Their products are made in the USA (California), and the material is pure polyurethane, we do not add additives or fillers like other manufacturers sometimes do. With a rubber part, you’ll be replacing the bushings at a much more frequent interval than a polyurethane part. The cost of labor and replacing the part itself will be much higher with a rubber part because of the number of times it needs to be done… There’s less downtime.”

In other words, you cannot lose going with their polyurethane bushings. But as with all parts, bushings do eventually wear out. What signs indicate that a bushing may need to be replaced?

At the time mark 9:45, Walter said,

“Bushings are like cartilage in the human body. If you are seeing excessive movement in the suspension, or if something is shaking, also if you are seeing handling issues. Sometimes you can even see the bushing itself starting to degrade. With rubber parts that is what you will see. You’ll start to see cracks, or you will see that it’s actually quite dry. All of these likely indications that it is time to get them replaced.”

What if you’re a parts technician and a customer asks to purchase a bushing; how should you upsell the polyurethane bushing to someone who wants to sell money?

By stating the simple fact that if you do go with a rubber bushing, you will be back much sooner to get it replaced than if you were to go with a polyurethane bushing. In other words, polyurethane bushings will last longer, cost you less in the long run, with less downtime.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.

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