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Phillips Industries Launches Phillips Innovations

Phillips Industries launches Phillips Innovations to accelerate cutting-edge solutions for the truck and trailer industry. Phillips Industries, a leading manufacturer of advanced electrical and air brake system components for the commercial truck and trailer industry, has announced the launch of Phillips Innovations, a new strategic business unit and separate company within Phillips Family Holdings.

This new business aims to bring market-leading sustainable technology and trailer vision products into the Phillips platform by collaborating with some of the most advanced technology trailblazers in the transportation industry.

Announcement of Phillips Innovations at TMC 2023

During the press conference at TMC’s 2023 Annual Meeting & Transportation Technology Exhibition in Orlando, FL, Rob Phillips, CEO of Phillips Industries and founder and CEO of Phillips Connect, announced that Phillips Innovations will have two key areas of focus: sustainable energy technologies, including solar power and electrification products for trucks and trailers, and patented vision systems including the industry’s only truly universal and easy-to-install backup camera using open-source software and mobile applications to be released in Q2 2023.

Phillips Innovations Collaborates

The new business unit is investing heavily in launching Phillips Innovations because it believes that collaboration is key in solving the new set of challenges presented by the evolving transportation industry. Phillips Innovations is also partnering with Merlin Solar, ProEV, and Spartan Radar to bring cutting-edge technology to the market.

The Heavy Duty Parts Report is thrilled to report on the exciting announcement from Phillips Innovations, and we believe it’s a testament to their commitment to finding solutions for the challenges faced by truck and trailer operators. What’s even more impressive is their determination to continue evolving and improving, as demonstrated by their plans to actively seek out new partners and technologies.

Technological advances like this are always exciting to us here at The Heavy Duty Parts Report. Take a look at some of our other Phillips related news here: Phillips Connect Introduces Smart Nosebox GPS Gateways

Partnership With Merlin Solar

Merlin Solar, which has an exclusive partnership with Phillips Innovations, is a pioneer in the field of solar-powered solutions for smart trucks and trailers. The partnership aims to bring to market the most advanced, purpose-built solar-powered solutions for powering reefers and electric drive axles as they become a viable option for trucks. Phillips Innovations will initially develop solar-power kits to market through the OEM dealer network and aftermarket distributors.

ProEV Joins The Team

Phillips Innovations has also teamed up with ProEV to develop high-voltage and cable customer harness assemblies for electric and fuel-cell Class 8 trucks and trailers. This partnership combines Phillips Industries’ experience in Class 8 commercial truck and trailer components with ProEV’s expertise in high-voltage harnesses and electric vehicle technology.

Exclusivity With Spartan Radar

Another partnership is with Spartan Radar, which is exclusively partnering with Phillips Innovations for Class 8 trucks and trailers. Phillips Innovations will launch trailer blindspot detection devices and layer its patented radar technologies onto its trailer cameras to drastically improve situational awareness for trailers and reduce accidents. This partnership combines the power of Phillips connected trailer, safety lights, and vision technologies with Spartan’s advancements in radar to bridge the gap between truck and trailer safety solutions.

Phillips Innovations

The Heavy Duty Parts Report applauds this philosophy of constant improvement and evolution, and we look forward to seeing the exciting developments that will emerge from these collaborations in the years to come.

Phillips Industries has a 95-year history of finding solutions to challenges presented to truck and trailer operators. With a reputation for quality and reliability, solid OE and fleet relationships, a strong distribution network, and a “what’s possible” mentality, Phillips Innovations aims to bring new and exciting ideas to market. The collaborations starting in 2023 are only the beginning, as Phillips Innovations plans to encourage new partners to find the best applications to benefit commercial fleet operators.

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Author: Jamie Irvine

Jamie Irvine is the host of The Heavy-Duty Parts Report and a consultant that works with manufacturers, distributors, and SaaS companies serving the heavy-duty truck parts industry.


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