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Why Fleets Should Invest in High-Quality Brake Chambers

Learn why installing higher-quality spring brakes can lower a fleet’s cost-per-mile.

Episode 86: In this episode, we discuss how installing higher quality spring brakes can lower the cost-per-mile for fleets, and our guest Rick Deane who is the International Sales Manager at MGM Brakes, explains just how much of an impact high-quality brake chambers can have on the total cost of operation for fleets. MGM Brakes was first on the show back in Episode 27.

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Show Notes 

When fleets think about lowering their total cost of operation, they often focus on reducing costs on fuel, emission systems, tires, and brake shoes, and friction lining. However, spring brakes can have a huge impact on lowering cost-per-mile for fleets.

LTR Brake Actuator

LTR Brake Actuator Dimensions

The LTR is a pillar in the MGM Brake line-up and has been around in the marketplace for over 20-years. It was created for a long-life application, such as on-highway operation but can be used in vocational applications as well. The warranty that goes along with the on-highway applications is 6-years. When fleets purchase the LTR brake actuator, they’re not only getting a spring brake that has been tried and tested for over 20-years, but they can also be assured that the warranty will back them up.

Standard spring brakes may need to be replaced 2-3 times in the same time period that a single LTR brake actuator is in operation. Some calculations that our host Jamie Irvine did for vocational fleets when he sold MGM Brakes as a Sales Account Manager for a National Distributor, showed that by switching from a generic $50 spring brake to the LTR Brake Actuator the total savings over a 4-to-6-year period was as much as $350 per wheel.

“That’s just one wheel-end, now times that by 4 or 6 wheel-ends… Acquisition costs are not the only thing you need to be looking at. The total costs are what we’re always trying to portray to the fleet,” explained Rick Deane, International Sales Manager for MGM Brakes.  

Spring Brake Failure

Even though it is rare for MGM products to fail, the company warranty percentage is one tenth of a percent, sometimes there are warranty claims. Despite the warranty rate being so low, MGM has taken steps to make the warranty process easier by making it possible to submit warranty claims online, and this makes processing warranty claims faster, simpler, and more efficient.

LTS Model

LTS Brake Actuator Dimensions

The LTS model was released in April 2020. In today’s modern suspensions, sometimes the LTR model would be harder to install because of the lack of space. The LTS has a height reduction on the lower housing, so the caging bolt only needs to be backed out 1.3 inches to be installed.

Everything on trucks and trailers seems to be tighter as manufacturers are trying to reduce the weight, so the LTS model is the solution to the tighter space applications. Also, the LTS is installed with corrosion fighter technology and can be used in severe service applications like refuse, gravel, dump truck, bus, and other applications.

“This new LTS products is a great utility brake for many different applications. It really is a great brake,” said Deane.

The Original Spring Brake Manufacturer

MGM Brakes Logo

MGM was the company that invented the spring brake actuator in 1956. Since then, they have evolved the product many times to make it the best they can. They have always been focused on safety and quality. They will never do anything to jeopardize the safety or quality of their all-American manufactured products.

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