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Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road because of a failing alternator, or unable to start your truck in the morning because a starter went? Both of these scenarios can be very frustrating. However, what helps us prevent getting into those situations?

Recently we interviewed Scott Dueringer of WAI Global.

High-Quality Products

When you hear the term “High-Quality Product”, what comes to mind? Most likely it’s a product that stands out as superior compared to other products in its category. Usually, high-quality products are made with top-of-the-line materials, have been engineered to perform to the top of their ability, and to save you money in the long run.

In fact, when you buy an Alternator from WAI you’re getting a product with high-quality parts, such as electronics, and bearings. These high-quality components that go into it play a huge role in its performance, reliability, and overall durability. Both their Alternators and starters are manufactured to this high standard that they have created.

Choosing the Correct Alternator

When it does become time to replace an alternator, how do you pick the right product for your application?

There are a couple of things to consider before buying. First, you need the have the right size of an alternator, with the right mounting, then you must decide whether to use a brush or brushless alternator. Furthermore, the amperage is also a crucial aspect to take into consideration.

Common Reasons for Alternator Failure

Occasionally though, alternators do wear out. But what causes this, and what can you do to extend its life?

Scott said it best when he said,

“The two most common things that go bad in alternators are bearings… Those break down because of dirt and dust environments, which causes premature failure. Right behind that is the electronics. Those generally fail because of overheating. So, Airflow through the alternator, over your electronics is absolutely critical. The lower you can keep the temperature internally in the alternator, the longer it is going to last.”

WAI not only manufactures their own alternators but put them through thorough testing. When building units, there are three different points of testing, and then when it is done, it goes on an alternator testing machine that makes sure the alternator is performing at OEM standard. By doing this, they are sure that their products uphold their high standard.

Choosing the Correct Starter

So, we have talked about WAI’s high-quality alternators, but what about their starters? What goes into those products?

Like their alternators, their starters all use new top of the line components and are made to meet or exceed OEM standards. That means that they use new solenoids, starter drives, springs, and bearings.  Many have an over crank protection, which acts like a circuit breaker that protects your starter from overheating.

Common Reasons for Starter Failures

Why do starters typically fail?

At the time mark 12:25, Scott said,

“Just like alternators, starters fail for different reasons. But typically, it’s by excessive heat. Either excessive heat from under the hood by overheating, poor electrical connections, or wiring.”

Like everything, your starters and alternator will eventually wear out. However, there are steps you can take to make sure you get the most life out of your parts.

First, use premium quality products. That will go a long way to keep your vehicle on the road, and out of the shop. Second, make sure you are doing regular maintenance on your vehicle, this will help prevent unnecessary problems from developing down the road.

To learn more, go to WAIGlobal.com.

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