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How WABCO is Leading the Trucking Industry During These Changing Times

With safety and efficiency becoming one of the biggest issues facing us today, how has WABCO been leading the way when it comes to these changing times, and what makes their products so desirable?

Recently, we interviewed Abe Aon, and Collin Shaw of WABCO.

A Global Manufacturer

WABCO is in all corners of the world, including major operations in every continent in the world besides Antarctica, even though there may be WABCO products there with some of their industrial machinery.

Even though they are such a profound, and wide-spread company, they have a crucial view of safety.

Abe said,

“WABCO takes a comprehensive approach to safety. We’re not just a parts company, we’re more than that… We take safety seriously, from the manufacturing floor, all the way to the assets.”

Safety is a Priority

Not only does WABCO take their employee safety very seriously, but also their customers who use, and rely on their products to get them to their destinations. Especially now more than ever, it’s important to practice safety measures, and that is what WABCO is doing.

Reducing Emissions and Environmental Impact

When it comes to improving energy recovery, fuel economy, and reducing emissions, they are one of the companies taking the lead in this. How so?

For one, they look at their manufacturing facilities to look at ways to improve efficiency, and lower waste. Alongside that, they also remanufacture to lower their footprint on waste contributions worldwide. But it does not just stop there. They also really look into their own products to redesign them to increase fuel economy and efficiency. The moment they release a new product, they immediately start working on ways to continue to make their products better for users, and for the environment.

As an example, their new disk brakes are 13lbs lighter than their previous generation. If you have a truck that has 6 wheel ends, you’re saving close to 70lbs in weight in just your disk brakes. Less weight generally leads to better fuel economy. WABCO also has a very vigorous redesign process, in which a group of engineers takes a product, and work hard to reduce pieces that are not necessary for certain uses, thus being able to eliminate that unnecessary cost and weight. This is just one of the many ways that WABCO is constantly working to improve and redesign their products.

With the reduction of weight that takes place because of these redesigns, how are they tested to ensure they will continue to not only hold up but excel?

At the time mark 12:48, Collin said,

“A lot of the ways we do it is by having a very robust testing plan. With the Maxxus 2.0, it is the lightest disk brake on the market, one of the ways we’ve done this is by lots of experience with disk brakes, and the other being this robust testing plan. We have 3 mill miles tested on these brakes with various fleets, for various purposes. Not only test it internally but put it on the road to be used in the field. We make sure we can back up our claims, through this testing plan.”

WABCO has been a leader in these categories and will continue to take the lead on safety, efficiency, and innovations. Also, WABCO is more than a parts company, they are there to be a partner in their customers’ success, while also being here for you along the way to maximize efficiency.

To learn more, go to Wabco-Auto.com.

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Author: Taron H.

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