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Blaine Brothers

Future Leaders for Blaine Brothers Family of Companies

Blaine Brothers Appoints New President

Blaine Brothers Family of Companies, a member of HDA Truck Pride, has announced a major transition in leadership roles. After more than 44 years with the company, Dean Dally, the current President, will transition his role to Tim Grabow, who has been appointed as the new President. Tim will succeed Dean and assume responsibilities effective immediately.

fleet operations

7 Steps to Ensure the Safety of Your Fleet Operations and Mitigate Risks

Businesses with fleet operations dread potential accidents and the legal issues they can bring. A single bad accident can lead to lawsuits against your company, claims against your surety bond, and damage to your brand. Vehicle loss, unexpected repair costs, injuries, deaths, and other harm caused by a fleet accident can mean your company could face six- or seven-figure losses. You should take proactive measures to improve the safety of your fleet operation and protect your business, employees, and the public.


Stay Safe on the Road: Latest NHTSA Recalls Issued for Ford Transit, International Trucks, and Xos Vehicles Due to Safety Issues

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has issued safety recalls for various vehicle models from Ford Motor Company, Navistar, and Xos due to safety issues that could increase the risk of a crash or injury.

MEMA board

Leading the Charge: Introducing MEMA Board Members and Executive Committee for 2023-2024

Introducing MEMA’s board members and Executive Committee for 2023-2024. Composed of supplier industry leaders, the MEMA Board brings their valuable time, expertise, and perspectives to guide the association’s strategic direction and promote the business interests of supplier members. The board members and Executive Committee represent important MEMA market segments, which include the aftermarket, commercial vehicle, original equipment, remanufacturing, and sustainability.

Heavy-Duty Repair

New Report Shows Heavy-Duty Repair Revenues Bounce Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

According to the third annual State of Heavy-Duty Repair report, which was issued by Fullbay in partnership with ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council, the revenue of heavy-duty repair shops seems to be on the rise in 2022, gradually approaching pre-pandemic levels. This report provides insights into the current state of the heavy-duty repair industry, including trends, challenges, and opportunities for growth.


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