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A Brake Removal Tool That Increases Safety and Efficiency

Throughout the years, brake removal has always been a physically demanding job for technicians. Injuries are sometimes hard to avoid because of the awkward angles needed to carry out the job. However, BrakeMate has a solution.

Recently we interviewed Mark Keegans of BrakeMate.

More Vehicles with Air Disc Brake

As the industry continues to advance, air disc brakes are becoming more popular on heavy-duty trucks and trailers and have been the standard on transit buses for a while now.

Although air disk brakes are the norm in America now, they were originally on vehicles in Europe far before they were in America. In 2013, disk brakes advanced even more so and implemented a reduced stopping difference. How much of a difference? The distance can be up to 21% to 33% shorter than drum brakes.

With this increase of disk brake installations and repairs, BrakeMate realized there was a problem in the industry that needed a solution. BrakeMate was developed in Australia and began when a guy saw technicians working around him struggling, at risk of injury while performing maintenance on brakes, and decided that there must be a better way.

What does the BrakeMate do to help solve this issue?

“BrakeMate consists of two trolley tables. One was designed to take the caliper off, regardless of caliper position, without the technician having to physically lift it… The second table is used to take off the hub and rotor assembly as one unit, which can also be used to separate the hub and rotor,” said Mark Keegans, Managing Director at BrakeMate Ltd.

The two trolleys tremendously reduce the strain that a technician goes through while removing calipers, hubs, and rotors. With their well-thought-out design, you are able to nearly effortlessly remove them, and haul them around, regardless of your size or structure.

Depending on the shop you are working in, there is different wear and tear on technicians’ bodies. Whenever you must pick up heavy parts, or equipment, you are putting a strain on your joints. Over-time these minor injuries can grow and turn into more serious problems. Working on brakes has a very high potential for injury to technicians, whereas, with BrakeMate, the risks that come with brake removal are alleviated.

Time is Money

How much time can the BrakeMate save?

“The only thing we cannot get back in this life is time, and sometimes if we are injured we cannot always get back the muscular structure of our bodies. When your shoulder is gone, and you have to get surgery, you’re looking at a year for recovery. That is a lot of time, and for a shop owner, that’s a lot of money,” said Mark Keegans, Managing Director at BrakeMate Ltd.

Injuries at work are very serious because sometimes we can’t completely undo the damage our body has taken. Injuries can happen on the job, but with the safe removal aspect of BrakeMate, lost time and money caused by injuries are drastically reduced. Not only that, but Brakemate on average also saves an hour of work time per wheel-end.

There is a better, safer, easier way to have technicians do air disk brakes, and that is with BrakeMate. To learn more, go to BrakeMate.com.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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