Where to Turn to For Diagnostic Tools

As the years go on, vehicles continue to advance and have adopted the use of more electronic systems and new intricate parts. With all the changes going on in the industry, diagnostic tools have become even more essential. But what diagnostic tool should you go with?

Recently we interviewed Tyler Robertson, CEO of Diesel Laptops


On the market, there are a lot of different categories of Diagnostic tools, from handheld code readers, low-mid level readers, to top-tier readers. However, for repair shop owners looking for something that can do everything they need to do the job, what are the top contenders?

 Tyler said,

“There are two really great companies out there that have full-blown, dealer level diagnostics, that essentially does 99 percent of a dealer level software, inside one program, and one physical adapter. That would be Texa with their IBC-5 software, and Cojali with their Jaltest software.”

 What makes each one of these top contenders?

They are affordable, very functional, easy to use and have tech support to help you with any problems or questions you may have.

 At the time mark 5:20, Tyler talks about a problem that was facing the industry Pre-Diesel Laptops.

“Pre-Diesel Laptops, every company made its own software and told everybody how great it was. So, we came in, and although we make our own, we have fulltime people here who test everybody’s software to compare it to OEM, to see how close to that bar they are. Pre-Diesel Laptops you never knew whether to believe them or. Here, we do a 30-day money-back guarantee on our tools, but also employees who work fulltime testing all these different software packages to find them out.”

With the help of Diesel Laptops, you no longer have to guess the quality level of programs that you’re looking at. However, as an independent repair shop owner, with all of the different products out there, what should you still consider when deciding what product to buy on the software side?

First, you should consider what is it going to cost you to use over its lifetime, and how it will pay for itself. Alongside that, you need to know the tool that you are buying, and fully understand what it does, and how to use it properly. By having the proper tool for the job, you can save lots of money and gain efficiency by not having to throw the parts cannon figure out problems.

 You need training and support, especially with the use of diagnostic tools. Without it, you are putting yourself through unnecessary stress, and frustration. With training, you can be fully confident using your tool.

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Also, Tyler was in episode 13 if you want to go back and listen to his story and how we started and grew Diesel Laptops to the company it is today.

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