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A New Age of Diagnosing Trailers

In the past, there was no easy way for technicians to inspect, or diagnose a trailer by themselves. However, Lite-Check has solved this problem.

Recently we interviewed Robert Zehnder, Director of Product Sales at Lite-Check.

Two Technicians No Longer Needed

Before Lite-Check’s solution to diagnosing trailers more efficiently, there often needed to be two technicians to carry out a proper inspection, and thus taking more man-hours to do the job. Lite check was founded in 1985 to provide the best technology for testing semi-trailers. That is what they have done, with the Inspector 920.

The Inspector 920

“You hook it up to your trailer, and with a remote control you can activate the different lighting circuits, and airbrakes to test them, all done by one technician… After the walk around, with a push of a button your ABS loads up, you get all the codes loaded up, mileage, and serial number, all of that information in a minute,” said Robert Zehnder, Director of Product Sales at Lite-Check.

Effect on Productivity

Not only is The Inspector 920 going to drastically improve productivity, but it is designed to make it easy for the technician to use.

“Conservatively, it will reduce the time it takes to do an inspection anywhere between 25-50%. But also, the beauty of our system is that it’s detail orientated, so you will see a more thorough diagnosis, whereas the previous methods weren’t so advanced… It’s a lot higher quality diagnosis,” Robert continued. 

Very little training is required if any. Therefore, not causing a huge pause in that productivity. However, if training is required, there is courtesy training provided through videos or webinars.

The industry is constantly advancing though, and with that comes more complicated systems. Before, technicians occasionally would have to throw parts at a problem to try to narrow it down. But by having the Inspector 920, you will skip that whole step because it gives you more detail when it comes to faults, saving you time and money when searching and diagnosing it.

Improved Diagnostics

Another way the Inspector 920 will save customers lots of money is that it can find those small problems that may have gone unnoticed otherwise until they become larger problems.

Not taking care of little problems can add up in the long run and cause disastrous accidents down the road. That is why it is so crucial to find those small problems early on, and in turn, stopping the snowball effect from taking over. Safety is always a priority when it comes to your trailers. Along with safety though, this tool lowers cost-per-mile.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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