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How the Tire Mask Can Improve Your Fleet

Keeping your wheels painted has a lot of benefits for your fleet. However, before Tire Mask, this process was slow and painful. How has the Tire Mask completely changed this process for the better?

Recently we interviewed Aaron Dauner, the CEO of Transport Maintenance Products (TMP).

Innovation for Rim Maintenance

TMP has invented several solutions to problems in the trucking industry. But where does this innovation come from?

Well, Aaron grew up in a trucker family, so from a young age, he was washing, waxing, and polishing trucks. To this day, whenever he looks at a truck, he asks himself what he can do to improve it, both in safety and appearance. That is what he has accomplished with TMP’s inventions.

What problem did he notice that needed fixing?

When he was 17, he was told to paint some truck tires, rims, and hubs. But when he asked for maskers, he learned that there were no such products on the market. The only way was the long difficult way of taping it off. Painting these parts is crucial for not only the appearance aspect but also adds safety because you can see cracks.

That is where the Tire Mask comes in. It solves the problem of taping straight edges along a tire trying to make them straight and the frustration that comes with it.

Aaron said it best when he said,

“They are designed to fit a standard truck wheel, between the lip of the rim, and the bead of the tire. Now, masking itself is an imperfect art. So, the Tire Masks are flexible, reusable, and extremely affordable.”

Rim Shields When Painting

Along with the Tire Mask, you also can get Rim Shields and hub masking caps. With these products, you are able to perfectly contain the spray of your paint without the heartache of taping everything off. This also means that you can cut down the labor of painting by 90%.

Tuff Deck

Alongside the Tire Mask, TMP has created another problem-solving product, Tuff Deck. What problem does this product solve?

At the time mark 10:56, Aaron said,

“Your typical deck plates are made of thin aluminum. It’s lightweight, and durable to some extent, but there’s a lot of flex to them and brittleness, and typically they are riveted together. There’s so much vibration on the back of a truck, these things rattle themselves apart without a load on them… So, I engineered the Tuff Deck, out of a single injection molded piece of plastic, that is engineered to hold at least 1000 lbs.”

With aluminum deck plates, they can come loose and end up hurting someone. However, with the Tuff Deck, that is not going to happen. As well as being one solid piece, it is also built to not only flex with the frame, but be durable, rigid, lightweight, and easy to install, and uninstall too. Also, they are able to color match with pretty much every color, as well as military colors.

With the Tire Mask and Tuff Deck, these products reduce the cost of labor and maintenance significantly, while also providing safety, and just overall make your fleets more pleasing to the eye. It’s a win-win.

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Author: Taron H.

Taron is the Marketing Manager at The Heavy-Duty Parts Report.


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